Looking to wow your family and friends this holiday season? Try Cupcake Haven! We offer jarred cupcakes that make the perfect sweet treat for any special person in your life. 

Here are our recommendations for each person in your life:

For your parents…

Carrot Cake!

Carrot cake is the ultimate delicious yet nutritious option for a sweet treat, perfect for your parents!

For your grandparents…

Blueberry & Creme!

This delicious concoction of fruits and cream is sure to please any grandparents!

For your significant other…


Nothing says romance like rich chocolate. Surprise them this year with a yummy treat you can both enjoy together!

For your coworkers/boss…

Strawberry Champagne!

Celebrate your accomplishments for the year at work together with this airy and fruity delicious cake!

For your best friend…

Berry Champagne!

Cheers to another year of amazing friendship with this yummy cake!

For your siblings…

Butter Beer!

If you grew up with the Harry Potter series in your household… this one is for you! Try this delicious Harry Potter-inspired cake!

Cupcake Haven jarred cupcakes make the perfect gift to wow anyone in your life! Call or place an order online today!

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